Stop SELF-SABOTAGING your results and lose weight for good!


Would you like to:

➔ Lose weight permanently?
➔ Regain vibrant health?
➔ And FINALLY END THE WAR with your body?

If you answered YES, then we're glad you're here. We have a variety of weight loss programs to help you stop self-sabotaging your results so you can lose weight and keep it GONE FOR GOOD!



Our programs range from our free community if you're just looking for support, motivation, getting started or not really sure if you're ready to start - to a more comprehensive 6-week program - and coming soon in June we'll be launching our new membership for women who want to lose weight and become a Well Woman.

Ready to Lose Facebook Community

Ready to Lose is a free online community for women over 40 looking to lose weight. The community provides a supportive environment for members to share stories, ask questions, and receive guidance.

Members also receive FREE resources and tools like recipes, exercise plans, tips and tricks, eBooks, exclusive discounts to programs, and so much more.

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The Little Black Dress Project

No more hiding behind your "safe" pair of stretchy pants - learn the surprisingly simple habits and mindset behind a slim, sexy, sustainable body so you can wear what you love and feel amazing doing just 6 weeks! You'll receive all the tools and resources you need to reach your goals whether it's to fit into your LBD or get bikini ready for the beach.


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The Well Woman Project

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle - learn how to lose weight and keep it GONE FOR GOOD by creating a personalized Lifestyle System. Inside this membership, you'll find all the tools and resources you need to reach your goals, as well as coaching and support to stay motivated and make lasting lifestyle changes. With the Well Woman project, you can finally break free from dieting and start living a healthier, happier life.

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Hi, I'm Tracy...

and like you, I know what it's like to be over weight, to constantly diet and sabotage my weight loss results, and to feel like I'm never going to lose the weight.


More About Me


At Tracy Manhard Coaching we empower women to stop self-sabotaging their results and lose weight for good. We support and lilt our community of women to become their most vibrant self.

  • Performance
  • Behavior
  • Mindset
  • Prepare for success
  • Create your plan
  • Step-by-step direction
  • Tools and resources
  • Community
  • Accountability


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