Your 7-Day Resilience Checklist

8 Steps to Boost Your "Bouncebackability"

To the busy 40 something year old woman looking to lose weight and can’t remember the last time they felt 100%...

Need a hand bouncing back?

I know it’s tempting to give up when it seems like *every* attempt you make at prioritizing your health and weight loss gets derailed.

But the truth is, resilience isn't just about being able to stick to our routine when everything's going perfectly. 

It's about having the tools to bounce back when things don't go as planned.

The 7-Day Resilience Checklist will give you the tools to create an unbreakable foundation for your goals in just one week. 

It starts with little things like…

✨ Practicing gratitude

✨ Getting outside

✨ Prioritizing sleep

And other small, doable habits that add up to big “bouncebackability.”

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